Our iPhone Services Include:

  • iPhone screen replacements
  • Includes replacing the glass and digitizer of the iPhone screen
  • Also, with each screen replacement we include a FREE tempered glass ($25 value) and FREE phone cleaning ($10 value)
  • The iPhone 7 and newer phones receive a FREE replacement of the water resistant seal!
  • Replacing anything to do with the inside of the iPhone
  • This includes the charging port, cameras, buttons*, proximity sensor, battery**, etc. The only thing we do not replace is the motherboard as if that is damaged, it’s cheaper to get a new phone.

* If the home button needs to be replaced on an iPhone 6 or newer, Touch ID will no longer function you will need to go to Apple in order to Restore touch ID functionality.

The services we mainly do for iPad’s is replacing the glass.

we replace The shattered glass on your iPad And if the LCD is damaged we will get a new one ordered for you and get your iPad looking brand new again.

Are you looking to sell your cracked or broken phone? We buy them!

If have broken phones you’re willing to part with call us at (805) 769-4811, email us or use the form below to get a quote fast.

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You’re on your way to a nice fixed phone and a fresh start! Please use the info below or fill out the form and we’ll get back to ASAP. We look forward to helping you get your phone in the shape it should be.

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We go to your location between Paso Robles, Templeton and Atascadero. We generally service within city limits. If you’re outside of city limits, there may be an additional charge to come out to very rural locations.